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Maintaining beautiful grounds can improve the value of your property, your business image, and your work environment. Our commercial landscapers in Boise, Meridian, Eagle, and Nampa in Idaho ensure excellence in all landscape designs and maintenance. For more than 20 years, we have offered our services to businesses, companies, and government agencies looking for new installation and grounds maintenance. 

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What Sets Us Apart From Other Commercial Landscapers in Idaho?

Our expertise helps us transform your commercial grounds into clean, presentable, and neat spaces. We use our scientific and technical capabilities to provide the best commercial landscaping solutions within your budget. We are ready to provide custom landscape solutions for your commercial property in the Treasure Valley. 

Sunshine Landscape is licensed in the State of Idaho as a public works contractor. In addition we are members of the NLPA (National Landscape Professionals Association), SIMA (Snow & Ice Management Association), and INLA (Idaho Nursery and Landscape Association). Our professional commercial landscape company carries a workers compensation and general liability insurance coverage. We can also be bonded for projects requiring bonding.

Why You Should Consider Commercial Landscaping

Your commercial grounds are the first thing your visitors see, and, as such, investing in proper care for your landscape creates a great first impression. In addition, good exterior maintenance shows your customers and business partners that you care about your appearance and their experience. With Sunshine Landscape, you can create a lasting first impression and control your brand image.

Your employees spend the majority of their days in your business premises. Therefore, an aesthetically pleasing and comfortable landscape with beauty and greenery provides space to decompress during work hours. In addition, beautiful landscapes boost employee moods and morale for improved productivity. 

Your work environment cannot only look presentable. It should also be functional. For example, pathways littered with debris, damage, and overgrown plants are dangerous, unpleasant, and destructive to property. Overgrown plants can cause harm to unsuspecting passersby or block business signs and directions. In addition, untrimmed, heavy tree limbs, dead branches, or those riddled with pests can be in danger of breaking, especially during storms with high winds. 

Sunshine Landscape continually monitors your business property's grounds, checks for overgrown plants, trees, and grass. In addition, we organize regular maintenance to retain functionality with no losses to your in-house team and property.

Outsourcing commercial grounds maintenance helps you access professional services at an affordable cost. You also won't have to worry about buying, maintaining, or storing heavy machinery. We handle all of that, plus the management, tracking, scheduling, and invoicing, so you don't have to lift a finger. 

Regular Grounds Maintenance in Idaho

Our team helps maintain a clean and tidy environment at your business premises. We conduct multi-location landscaping for businesses with multiple branches to ensure consistent and reliable grounds maintenance. In addition, our Sunshine Landscape provides a one-stop solution for professional grounds maintenance to eliminate the inconvenience and cost of in-house grounds maintenance or handling multiple vendors.

Our services include:

Mowing is a crucial ground’s maintenance activity that keeps the grass short enough without causing plant regression, pest damage, and weed growth. We cut the grass to the correct length while retaining the beauty of your lawns. We also adjust mowing schedules based on the season and the plant's rate of growth. 

Using environmentally friendly herbicides and excellent weed management practices are essential to prevent weed growth and protect turf density. We set schedules for weed control to identify and remove weeds. 

Professional shrub trimming promotes healthy plant growth and dense foliage for a neat and beautiful appearance. Our certified arborist inspect the plants, monitor plant growth and seasons to ensure proper shrub maintenance. 

Properly fertilized lawns support better plant growth and reduce surface runoff. We add fertilizer to your grass lawn at least once a year to maintain grass density and prevent water runoff. We also test the soil and observe the grass to keep your plants healthy throughout the year. 

Our team performs seasonal cleanup in the fall and spring to remove all accumulated leaves and maintain clean grounds. 

Our team handles irrigation systems, starts, and shutdowns to keep your plants and grass appropriately hydrated. We also recommend modern irrigation to ensure optimal water usage.

We prune your trees to maintain their shape and health. Our certified arborist also checks your trees for disease and ensures that they get the nutrients, water, and support they need to flourish. 

We also set a maintenance schedule to ensure the regular grounds work. If you have multiple physical locations in Idaho, we schedule a time to attend to each one. Creating a plan helps us oversee various aspects of your grounds while considering time, seasons, and cost. 

Commercial Landscape Creation in Boise

With Sunshine Landscape, you can increase your property's value and appeal. Professional commercial landscaping helps you create attractive grounds. Our landscape creation and construction experts improve your curb appeal, promote your brand and boost business property value.

We handle all projects, from large-scale landscape installation for new construction to small-scale projects on local business landscapes, including: subdivision common area development, commercial projects, and public works projects such as schools, roadway projects, and city parks. We serve the following facilities: retail, hospitality, industrial, multi-family, healthcare, homeowners associations (HOA), municipal, office, and religious.

Our landscape professionals take on each project to make the landscape you envision a reality. Whether you want better grass, trees, colorful flowers, or aesthetic rocks, we have the solution for you.

Our professional services include:

Our landscape architects listen to your landscape ideas, advise you on landscaping solutions, and monitor costs for a landscape project. Landscape design plans create visual images with measurements to ensure that the final design fits in your space and fits your aesthetic goals. 

We also ensure that the design compliments the architecture of your building. For example, if it's time for a landscape makeover, we consult you on the features you can keep and adjust the design accordingly. Once the design is finalized, our team implements the idea to ensure everything falls into place as designed. 

No matter the design you want, Sunshine Landscape has the right designers and construction professionals to handle it. We install hardscapes, grass, trees, shrubs, rocks, fences, water features, pergolas, retaining walls, among others. 

A reliable sprinkler system is a lifeline for any plants in your commercial landscape. The right water system keeps your lawn green and your shrubs thriving. We recommend sprinkler systems that enable deep watering and also conserve water. 

What's more, with efficient watering systems, we can manage plant irrigation automatically while you focus on your business. 

Commercial Snow and Ice Removal In Idaho

We handle all aspects of commercial snow and ice removal in Idaho. You can expect prompt and safe snow and ice removal to restore your grounds when you partner with us. 

We are a trusted snow removal company in Boise, Meridian, Eagle, and Nampa in Idaho. We understand the importance of walkways and driveways on your property. 

Clean pathways ensure that all employees and visitors access the offices conveniently and safely. Therefore, we regularly shovel the snow with trucks to retain usability and reduce the workload come spring.

As a professional snow removal company in Idaho, we always check the weather to prepare your property for the storm. We handle pre-storm and post-storm applications on asphalt to reduce snow and ice bonding to pathways and driveways.

The chemical treatment creates a wet surface between the snow and the concrete or asphalt, making snow removal easy. It also prevents packing down, especially after people walk or drive over the snow. After shoveling the snow and ice, we also apply another chemical treatment to prevent ice formation and refreezing. 

Sunshine Landscaping trucks & crew, Boise Idaho

Commercial Landscape Experts of Boise

Constructing, and maintaining your grounds are crucial parts of your commercial business. Sunshine Landscape takes the burden off your shoulders and handles all aspects of commercial landscaping. For more than 20 years, businesses have trusted us with caring for their landscapes in Boise, Meridian, Eagle, and Nampa, Idaho. We take pride in retaining long-term relationships with our clients and providing the best commercial landscaping services.

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