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At Sunshine Landscape, we provide full-service grounds maintenance for Homeowners Associations (HOAs), businesses, corporate facilities, government agencies, parks, and multifamily units in Idaho. We are the Treasure Valley's landscape and grounds maintenance experts.

Since 2000, we have worked as a company to create long-term relationships with property owners and organizations throughout the greater Boise metro area. With an expert grounds maintenance team and advanced equipment, we solve small and large scale landscaping problems efficiently. We also have extensive knowledge of two-wire irrigation systems and the necessary maintenance needs for them.

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Professional Dormant Oil Application

Many fruit trees become dormant towards the end of winter. However, they are ready to flower and bear fruits in early spring; during the same time, harmful insects, like mites, prepare to invade your plants. At Sunshine Landscape, we can protect your fruit trees from insect infestations by applying dormant oil to them.

The landscaping team you can trust | Sunshine Landcaping in Boise, Idaho

Dormant oil can be a petroleum or vegetable oil-based substance that suffocates insects and their eggs nesting in branches, so your fruit tree is safe to grow and flower. Our dormant oil spraying service will prevent your apples, plums, quince, crabapples, gooseberry, pears, and currant bushes from insects. Once applied on the branches, the oil penetrates the insects' outer shells, denying them oxygen until they die of suffocation.

Not all trees require dormant oil. Only a knowledgeable landscaping expert knows which trees may benefit and the recommended time to spray the solution. While dormant oil might not completely eradicate pests from your fruit trees, it helps eliminate the larger insect population, leaving you with a more manageable problem. Sunshine Landscape can visit your property and treat your deciduous trees to kill destructive pests and their larvae.

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Treasure Valley Flower Programs

Flowers embellish properties and create a bright and inviting mood for everyone. However, a little neglect can result in soil compaction, weeds, sloppy edges, and wilted blooms. We're happy to help maintain them properly! Whether you are a business in Nampa, Eagle, Boise, Caldwell, or Meridian, we have various flowers to keep your commercial planter beds colorful and vibrant throughout the year, including:

  • Perennial flowers
  • Spring annuals
  • Fall bulb planting
  • Flower rotations
  • Planter pots

We also offer comprehensive flower care solutions to keep your commercial landscape looking stunning throughout the year regardless of the climate. Here are a few of our flower care services to give you a glimpse of what we can do for your business:

  • Soil testing and amendment
  • Flower planting
  • Weed control
  • Pest control
  • Dead-heading
  • Soil fertilization
  • Thinning and transplanting
  • Flower bed edging
  • Mulching
  • Pruning

We design our flower programs with your needs in mind. Our highly trained and professional landscapers provide regular flower maintenance to keep your property attractive at all times.

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The landscaping team you can trust | Sunshine Landcaping in Boise, Idaho

Pest Elimination

Neglected grass can harbor disease-spreading pests and potentially dangerous animals. Let us care for your grass to destroy the breeding ground for bugs, rodents, and reptiles.

Billbug Application

Billbugs can wreak havoc on your lawn by feeding on your grass to the extent of creating unsightly bare patches. The adults dig holes into the grass where they deposit their eggs. Upon hatching, the larvae devour grass stems from the inside and continue down to the roots, causing the turf to die. Sunshine Landscape is equipped to help you overcome billbug infestations. If you are struggling with these pests, we can perform a site inspection and treatment. We can combine billbug application with lawn fertilization if your grass requires a nutrient boost.

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Fertilizer Applications

Over time we've discovered that many property owners are not keen on maintaining trees and shrubs, especially in nourishment. Most people are quick to remove the leaves and organic matter that would have become a nutrients source. At Sunshine Landscape, we understand the importance of supplying all plants with the minerals and nutrients they need, and we are equipped to care for them appropriately. We can apply specific fertilizers specially developed for your trees' and shrubs' nutritional requirements on your commercial property.

A slow-release tree fertilizer will give your shrubs and trees the necessary nutritional boost to grow healthy and withstand drought and pests. The beauty of working with our trained landscapers is that we know when to apply tree fertilizer for excellent results. We have two tree and shrub fertilization phases annually:

Fall Tree Fertilization
  • Recover the soil nutrients lost during summer
  • Stimulate root growth in winter
Spring Tree and Shrub Fertilization
  • Support optimal tree growth during the high-growth season
  • Provide essential nutrients to help the tree fight infection
  • Green up the leaves and keep them fresh through summer till fall
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Turf fertilization is not such a straightforward task as it appears. It requires a well-thought schedule for the best results. Our team at Sunshine Landscape has developed the following program for the conditions of our Treasure Valley community.

  • Initial Spring Cleanup: Application of granular fertilizer and pre-emergent on all turf areas
  • June: Second granular lawn fertilization
  • August: Third granular turf fertilization
  • October or November: Final granular fertilization

We can easily adjust the schedule to suit your needs.

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At Sunshine Landscape, we use slow-release fertilizers with an estimated life of six to eight weeks. These products maintain a lush turf and are superior to competitors that offer a quick, impressive greening that doesn't last. We know that fertilization is vital to have a healthy-looking lawn and strengthen the root structure. A well-established root network improves water and nutrient retention and prolongs your turf's life.

We discuss your needs with you to develop a fertilization solution that matches your lawn care needs. If necessary, we administer turf fertilization and a pre-emergent solution at once.

Lawn Aeration

Aerating your yard can make a long-lasting improvement in the quality and appearance of your lawn. Lawn aeration refers to the process of puncturing holes into the soil to let your grass receive nourishment more easily. It enhances soil drainage and intensifies fertilizer penetration for healthier turf.

  • Development of healthier and durable grassroots
  • Encourages new root growth and development
  • Breaks up dense and highly compacted soil
  • Better water and air circulation in the ground
  • Enables better fertilization
  • Improves drought resistance
  • Improves insect resistance

Sunshine Landscape advises our Treasure Valley landscaping clients to have their lawns aerated in spring or fall. Without the right equipment, though, lawn aeration can be tiresome and time-consuming. Hire our equipped landscapers for quick and proper soil aeration.

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The landscaping team you can trust | Sunshine Landcaping in Boise, Idaho
The landscaping team you can trust | Sunshine Landcaping in Boise, Idaho

Mowing Service

Let us improve your commercial property's curb appeal with our weekly mowing service by professional landscapers. A manicured lawn that receives regular mowing creates a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere.

Beyond cosmetic benefits, our mowing service removes weak leaves, allowing healthier grass to shoot for a lusher lawn. Short turf allows for even absorption of nutrients, water, and sunlight, minimizing the chance of uneven growth and patches. It also helps to destroy small inconspicuous weeds.

The best mowing months are April through November when the days are quite warm. If we cannot access a region with a mower, we cut the grass using a line trimmer. We bag the clippings and periodically leave them on the turf to control evaporation and add natural nutrients to the soil. Our mowing service includes planter bed inspection as well as weed and garbage debris removal.

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Pruning Service for Trees and Shrubs

Pruning involves trimming or thinning branches, leaves, and dead matter from trees and shrubs. It is considered healthy maintenance for trees and shrubs since it allows them to channel energy in growing healthy branches rather than exhausting it to maintain weakened or dead limbs. Pruning also reduces the probability of tree branches breaking off and hurting people or damaging property. It's also a little known mode of pest control!

Typically, we recommend the first pruning exercise when your trees reach ten feet in height. Our team will advise you when to schedule the next appointment based on factors like the plant species and size.

Since tree pruning can be complicated and dangerous, you should consider using an expert crew with the right safety gear, experience, and equipment to trim your trees and shrubs safely.

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The landscaping team you can trust | Sunshine Landcaping in Boise, Idaho
The landscaping team you can trust | Sunshine Landcaping in Boise, Idaho

Seasonal Landscape Cleanup Services

Seasonal landscape cleanup can be a laborious and time-consuming task, even for a small property. Let our experts do the hard work for you while you focus on your daily business.

Sunshine Landscape is a distinguished lawn care and landscaping company with various programs designed for large commercial properties and public organizations.

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Our landscape spring cleaning process is comprehensive and can include the following tasks:

  • Trimming and pruning shrubs and trees
  • Removing clutter from turf areas and planter beds
  • Hauling away and decomposing debris
  • Re-edging and cleaning planter beds
  • Repairing damaged turf
  • Initial sidewalk edging
  • Lawn mowing
  • Soil aeration

We offer services in addition to those listed above and do whatever it takes to improve the visual appeal of your commercial property's landscape so you can enjoy a beautiful spring.

Based on the Idaho weather conditions, Sunshine Landscape's spring-cleaning services end in March or early April. Our quote appears in our client contracts and details the types of services provided at friendly hourly rates. Feel confident, trusting your spring clean up to our team of experts while you relax and watch us rejuvenate your property.

Don't hesitate to call us to discuss your needs and schedule a spring cleanup service.

The best time for fall cleanup is in November to prepare your landscape for winter. You may not have all the time to clean up your property before it starts snowing, but we are always there for you.

If you hire our landscape team, expect fall cleanup services like:

  • Raking up leaves
  • Composting organic matter
  • Mulching services
  • Pruning and mowing
  • Lawn debris removal
  • Weed control
  • Fertilizer application

Snow and Ice Removal in The Boise Area

We have provided ice and snow removal services to the Treasure Valley community for more than a decade. In that time, we have mastered how to respond to different Idaho storm events to help keep your organization safe and operational through experience.

Our regular clients include government agencies, commercial and retail properties, religious facilities, and HOAs. If you fall under these categories, contact us for an estimate. We can manage your sidewalk and parking lot plowing and de-icing, as well as snow removal and hauling. Winter storms are unpredictable, but Sunshine Landscape will be there to take care of ice and snow problems at your property round the clock.

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Sprinkler Service Treasure Valley

A sprinkler system is an excellent irrigation solution to keep your landscape green and vibrant during hot weather. A professionally installed sprinkler will hydrate the right regions to have your plants thrive throughout the year while conserving water.

With continued use, your irrigation system might lose pressure and become inefficient. Sunshine Landscape is the go-to sprinkler service and maintenance company in Meridian, Boise, Nampa, Eagle, and other Treasure Valley regions.

Our standard sprinkler service includes:

  • Testing sprinkler heads for coverage
  • Sprinkler timer adjustment
  • Completing minor and complex repairs
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Sunshine Landscape recommends sprinkler pressurization from late March to early April when the weather is more permitting. We winterize your sprinkler system in October and November.

Let us program your system to promote the health of your landscape while conserving water. We'll schedule your watering days such that we never coincide with mowing.

We fix minor issues like small leaks and head and nozzle replacement as soon as we discover them. Our technicians will assess damage and request authorization to repair problems affecting the mainline, valves, and electrical components.

Should our workers accidentally damage your irrigation system when working at your site, we fix the issue immediately at no fee.

The landscaping team you can trust | Sunshine Landcaping in Boise, Idaho

Weed Control

Weeds often germinate rapidly, and if unchecked, they can dominate your lawn and overwhelm your plants in a matter of days. If you decide to pick them, you might waste countless hours pulling them out, even with a helping hand. Sunshine Landscape can apply a pre-emergent to suppress weed growth, saving you time and money. A pre-emergent is a weed control method used to thwart unwanted plants' growth before becoming a problem. The herbicides contained in the residue create an invisible barrier on the soil surface that prevents weeds from growing soon after germination.

For this weed control method to work effectively, you should know the right time to use it. At Sunshine Landscape, we can inspect your yard or planter beds and apply a pre-emergent at the opportune moment and in the correct measurements. Our solution significantly cuts your need for chemical and manual weeding throughout the year.

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Foliar herbicides are pest control chemicals applied to a crop's leaves and stems. The solution gets absorbed and transported to all parts of the plant for action. If you have aesthetic shrubs in your yard, a foliar application may be more appropriate than soil-applied products since it lands directly on the target.

Sunshine Landscape recommends foliar application solutions when you don't want to contaminate the soil with chemicals. It works well with perennial herbs and woody shrubs. Hire our team to repair your garden or yard trees and shrubs using this effective technique.

We administer foliar herbicides in Treasure Valley in mid-summer. However, we can vary the timing based on the weather conditions in the year and plant-specific needs.

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Broadleaf weeds are opportunistic plants that lay in your garden soil, waiting for favorable conditions for growth. With ideal conditions, they invade bare spots and where your turf is thinning out. Apart from robbing your lawn of its beauty, the broadleaf weeds steal the nutrients, water, and sunlight meant for your grass.

Sunshine Landscape can help eliminate broadleaf weeds from your yard effectively. We know how to stop even the most challenging varieties of broadleaf weeds that grow in Boise, like chickweed, clovers, plantains, and dandelions. Our team uses a successful three-step strategy for broadleaf weed control and removal that involves:

1) Weed Identification

Our landscaping professionals know the broadleaf weeds that can invade your yard in the Treasure Valley. Once we identify the wild plant invading your turf, we apply the appropriate weed killer for the species.

2) Lawn Inspection

Our team can examine your lawn to uncover the reasons a given weed has thrived. We will assess soil nutrient levels, among other factors, and learn the spots to target with treatments.

3) Weed Treatment Application

The last step is to apply the right weed control treatment. Our landscapers can do so while maintaining zero or little contact with your ornamental plants.

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The landscaping team you can trust | Sunshine Landcaping in Boise, Idaho

Grounds Maintenance Experts of Boise

Keeping your landscape in shape throughout the year can be challenging. If your property is in Boise, Meridian, Nampa, or Caldwell, leave your grounds maintenance to Sunshine Landscape for a service that surpasses your expectations.

Our team is professional and always available. We arrive at your property in branded vans and uniforms are eager to provide a fantastic commercial landscape service!

Contact Sunshine Landscape to schedule a free consultation.

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